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Vladislav K.

ROR Developer

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Vladislav K.
Freelance ROR Developer |

5 years experience

Freelance ROR Developer

5 years experience

Gdansk, Poland

Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the IT industry. Skilled in JavaScript, React.js, NextJs and NodeJs. Worked in FoodTech and Streaming projects. Enjoy building applications from scratch.

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What Our Clients Say

Mark Stephens

Chief Product Officer at Clickifi

We used Expert Remote for hiring specialists in UI/UX design, web development, project management and QA. After speaking to a number of companies across the globe we chose them due to great communication and delivery of our projects on time and on budget.

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?
Communications, Pricing and skillset.

Ofer Herman

Co-Founder & CTO at PapayaGlobal

We built a team at Expert Remote that developed our product for 2 years. Developers were professionals, initiative and took part in all aspects of the software development life cycle.

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?
They are very flexible. We were able to manage the team directly and grow as we needed.

Jawad Stouli

CTO & Co-Founder at Didomi

We have been working with Expert Remote for more than a year now. They provided our initial remote team and developed our MVP. All software engineers are hard working, reliable and communicate well which is hard to come by in that setting.

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?
Reliable and great at communicating even when you are on the other side of the world.

Thomas Kuell

Business Director at iTicket.law

Expert Remote developers helped in developing apps, but also in talking through scope and need and giving ideas – which is very useful for a non-coder like myself.

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?
Communication skills.

Asked Questions

Is It Really Possible to Hire Ruby on Rails Developers in 48 hours with Expert Remote?

Yes, our specially designed algorithms and processes help our clients find the required talent in less than 2 days.

What Is Your Process of Vetting Ruby on Rails Programmers?

Every dedicated Ruby on Rails developer presented in Expert Remote’s database goes through a set of rigorous interviews, test task, portfolio and background checks.

What If I Don’t Like the Services of Your Ruby on Rails Coders?

Before you hire a Ruby on Rails developer on a pre-agreed term, you get an 8-hour free trial period to help you get familiar with the technical skills of the employee and figure out if they are a good fit for your team and your project.

What Other Services Does Expert Remote Provide?

Apart from hiring Ruby developers, you can hire for other technologies: .NET, JAVA, Angular, Node.js, React.js, Python, PHP etc. And also you can build the whole team with UI/UX designers, product managers, testers, tech leads, solutions architects etc, not just developers.

What Projects is Ruby on Rails Not Suited For?

Hiring a freelance Ruby on Rails developer is a good idea if you want to go to medium-size projects with high performance and maintainability while keeping high development speed. For instance, for high-load projects with significant traffic, pick Java. For projects with neural networks and machine learning, pick Python. If you want a more affordable option for development back-end, pick Node.js or PHP.

Why Hire RoR Devs for Your Project?  What RoR Coders Can Build RoR Programmer Skills: Checklist Responsibilities Hiring RoR Programmer Tech Skills Assessment for Junior RoR Freelancers Tech Skills Assessment for Mid-Level RoR Coders Tech Skills Assessment for Senior RoR Dev Soft Skills Assessment of Ruby Devs Rails Devs Salary Rates Breakdown
March 12, 2023

11 min read

Why Hire RoR Devs for Your Project?  What RoR Coders Can Build RoR Programmer Skills: Checklist Responsibilities Hiring RoR Programmer Tech Skills Assessment for Junior RoR Freelancers Tech Skills Assessment for Mid-Level RoR Coders Tech Skills Assessment for Senior RoR Dev Soft Skills Assessment of Ruby Devs Rails Devs Salary Rates Breakdown

Hire ROR Developers & Programmer

Egor Kaleynik

Content Marketer

According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022, 5.83% of coders have fallen in love with Ruby on Rails. Today large companies like Imgur, Github, Twitch.tv, and others use it for their application development. A lot of startups hire Ruby on Rails developers to join this list because RoR allows them to build MVPs quickly, in a streamlined way — and RoR developers usually adore the technology they’re working with. 

So, let’s talk about what’s so good about Ruby on Rails, why startup founders decide to go for RoR as a back-end and front-end technology for their software, and where to find the best RoR developers online. 

Why Hire Ruby on Rails Developers for Your Project? 

Ruby on Rails is often cited as the main reason for Ruby’s popularity. Rails, or Ruby on Rails, is an open-source framework written in the Ruby programming language and founded in 2003 by David Heinemeier Hansson, also known as DHH. Ruby on Rails developers use the framework for developing dynamic, large web resources that need to be really fast, fault-tolerant, and able to work under high loads. 

Full-Stack Framework

Ruby on Rails developers can work as full-stack coders since the framework provides them with tools for front and back-end programming. Aside from providing functionality for manipulating backend server queries, Rails allows front-end rendering to HTML and incorporates CSS and JavaScript for dynamic rendering of the UI. For the front end, Rails also incorporates a template system that renders partials inside Views before showing them within HTML. It also uses Haml, a language for template markups that helps Ruby developers create more simplistic and easily understandable HTML templates. 

A lot of people debate whether or not the toolkit of some of the front-end tasks justifies calling RoR a full-stack framework. Devs working with the Ruby on Rails stack still often have to know some JavaScript, but the framework does have the reputation of being versatile and multi-purpose regardless. That is extremely important for startups, especially in the early stages of their functioning. RoR developers use the framework for quick MVP development and for projects with complex underlying business logic that need to be straightforward and easily maintainable. 

MVC Architecture

MVC is another integral part of Ruby on Rails. The term denotes the Model-View-Controller format. The approach divides the work of the application into three subsystems, each of which is responsible for a specific part of the solution’s architecture:

  • Models handle data and business logic, plus high-level classes connected to both 
  • Views display a visual representation of the data 
  • Controllers handle the way the app responds to the user’s input by connecting rendering data from the Model within View 

Such architectural patterns allow an RoR developer to work both on the front end (Views and pages) and back end (Model and Controller). Of course, it’s much more comfortable to split the responsibilities between Views (an RoR developer who will be responsible for the UI of a web application) and Model-Controller (an RoR developer who will handle server-side programming). But, not every company can afford that, especially at the beginning. After scaling, though, it’s common for startups to hire people to handle the back-end and front-end to better work through the logic and performance of the future solution. 

RoR Gems for Every Purpose and Task

Rails developers develop projects much faster than their colleagues in PHP, Python, or Java (on average 30-40% faster). This is due both to the technical features of the framework architecture (that emphasizes simplicity and laconic expressions) and the development tools Ruby on Rails developers utilize (console utilities and generators, ready-made libraries, extensions, and modules). Ruby on Rails developers use gems — various libraries that add a plethora of new functionalities to the developer’s toolkit. 

Gems cut development speed by a lot. There are gems for many purposes, including easier debugging, testing, security configurations, event management, and API integrations. Utilizing them saves startups a lot of resources. 

What Ruby on Rails Coders Can Build

Hiring Ruby developers is an excellent choice for building the following products:

eCommerce WebsitesRuby on Rails’ modular programming makes creating retail websites easier. Third-party libraries and APIs for setting up pricing, checkout processes, payment gateways, and so on also don’t hurt. 
Fintech StartupsRuby on Rails developers utilize the framework’s various security features to make apps that contain financial information well-protected. Also, Rails helps develop apps that are easy to scale and maintain which is vital for large financial resources with a complex structure (e.g.: Kickstarter). 
Dating Websites/Social Networks.Despite the fact people often complain about the way Ruby on Rails deals with high-load large-scale solutions, there are a lot of plugins that allow for the successful development of social networks and other social resources using RoR. 
MVPsAs we’ve already mentioned, Ruby on Rails developers are often hired to create MVPs because of the simplicity and sustainability of Ruby and tons of 3rd-party packages and gems that streamline app development. 
Complex DatabasesThe Rails framework was designed as a counterweight to J2EE and the .NET framework, which are considered too heavy. A Ruby on Rails developer for hire can build a cost-effective innovative database for the web. It won’t be cumbersome but will be pretty affordable. 
SaaS ProductsSuch startups prefer RoR due to ease of deployment and migration, cost-effectiveness, time savings, higher performance, and a huge active community.

Ruby on Rails developers, as you can see, can create an array of versatile solutions. Now, let’s move to the aspects one should consider when they hire a Ruby on Rails developer. 

Ruby on Rails Programmer Skills: Checklist

An expert Ruby on Rails developer should have the following skills:

  • Understands Ruby language syntax, sticks to the principles of Don’t Repeat Yourself and Convention Over Configuration 
  • Knows RoR and 3rd-party libraries (e.g. Resque, various gems — depending on the projects) 
  • Knows how to utilize testing tools (RSpec)
  • Knows OOP principles
  • Uses interface technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3
  • Knows principles and tools for automated testing and continuous integration
  • Develops APIs and can integrate them into software
  • Understands Mocking, MVC, and RESTful principles
  • Can integrate multiple data sources and databases into one system
  • Knows application design principles
  • Works with code version control tools such as Git, Mercurial, or SVN

Also, a freelance Ruby developer should have strong English-speaking skills and be able to work remotely without micromanagement. 

Responsibilities of Ruby on Rails Experts

So, what do RoR developers do? 

  • Write, develop, test, and maintain software with Ruby on Rails
  • Work with web servers like Apache, Passengers, and others
  • Work with databases (SQLite and others)
  • Create and maintain APIs
  • Create software documentation
  • Troubleshooting

If you want to hire freelance Ruby on Rails developer with specific domain expertise, you should focus your search on candidates with corresponding skills. For instance, people who create software for healthcare or fintech have to have a good understanding of how to supply the app with threat monitoring/detection tools for defense against hackers. 

Hiring Ruby on Rails Programmer

To hire Ruby on Rails developers you have to test their knowledge. We prepared a few questions/answers as examples of what you could ask them in interviews. 

Tech Skills Assessment for Junior Ruby on Rails Freelancers

A. What’s Spring? 

Q. It’s a preloader for an app that helps accelerate development. Ruby on Rails devs use Spring to make sure the app is running in the background when they’re doing tests or migrating the app without restarting the server after updates or edits. 

A. What’s Proc? 

Q. An important concept for Ruby development, proc is a type of container or a capsule for a part of code that can be stored within a local variable, assigned to a method or other Proc (a callable piece of code). Developers use Procs to assign dynamic behaviors to different code components. 

Tech Skills Assessment for Mid-Level Ruby on Rails Coders

Q: What do the app/controllers and app/helpers subdirectories do?

A: The app/controllers folder contains controller classes; the controller handles users’ web requests. The app/helpers is a subdirectory that contains helper classes that “help” classes for model, view, and controller. That makes code for MVC straightforward. 

Q: What is a protected access modifier in Ruby? 

A: If assigned to a function, it’s only possible to access the members via functions inside the subclass. 

Tech Skills Assessment for Senior Ruby on Rails Dev

Q: How do dynamic and static scaffolding differ? 

A: Dynamic scaffolding generates all the content and UI components at runtime, while static requires explicit command entry to produce the data. Dynamic scaffolding also doesn’t need to be synchronized with a database, while with a static one, database migration is needed. 

Q: When isn’t CSRF protection needed for Ruby? 

A: If a project, for instance, uses API tokens and other methods or authentication that were stateless.

Soft Skills Assessment of Ruby Developers

Some questions that help get you acquainted with the personality of a Ruby on Rails expert are:

  • What challenges did you solve recently that you would like to share? What challenges you couldn’t solve and why? 
  • What experience do you have in technologies close to Ruby, such as Python and Java? Why did you pick Ruby and Rails as the go-to SDK? 
  • Have you been interested in new technologies that are still “young” for active commercial utilization, but are gaining popularity very quickly? What technologies, in your opinion, are overhyped and deserve more scrutiny than appreciation? 
  • How do you educate yourself and how do you learn new things? What blogs do you read, what books have you read lately, etc.?
  • Do you think ethics matters for a developer? What ethical issues have you encountered within software development and how you would solve them if given the opportunity? 

Don’t forget to ask company culture-related questions if you want to hire Ruby on Rails developers to fit into the atmosphere of the existing team.

Rails Developers Salary Rates Breakdown

The median salary of an RoR developer typically falls between $71,168 and $88,634. The salary rates of the junior, mid-level, and senior Ruby on Rails developers for hire are as follows:

  • $56,453 – $72,699;
  • $81,733 – $92,578;
  • $115,000 – $150,000.

At the same time, you can find Ruby on Rails developers who charge on an hourly, monthly or per-project basis. You can easily find that thousands of companies around the world are using this framework when developing web applications.