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Andrei H.

Flutter Developer

Andrei N.

Flutter Developer

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Andrei H.
Freelance Flutter Developer |

10 years experience

Freelance Flutter Developer

10 years experience


Technical Product Manager, Web 3 enthusiast & entrepreneur. I started as a mobile app developer 11 years ago. Last 4 years I worked in Co-Founder/CPO/CTO roles. To date, I’ve launched over 20 mobile products. Let’s talk!

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Design patterns
Liquidity pools
LP Tokens
Smart Contracts
Transaction Blocks
Unit testing
Mobile App Developer
Product Manager
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Andrei N.
Freelance Flutter Developer |

13 years experience

Freelance Flutter Developer

13 years experience

Lodz, Poland

Passionate iOS developer. Building native and hybrid apps for iPhone since 2013. Programming since 2009. Launched 15+ mobile products. Worked as a single developer as well as team leader. Set up projects from scratch to delivery to support.

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Google Analytics
Mobile App Developer
Tech Lead
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We know how to find exceptional tech talent globally. To date, we’ve screened 40,000+ tech specialists.
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What Our Clients Say

Mark Stephens

Chief Product Officer at Clickifi

We used Expert Remote for hiring specialists in UI/UX design, web development, project management and QA. After speaking to a number of companies across the globe we chose them due to great communication and delivery of our projects on time and on budget.

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?
Communications, Pricing and skillset.

Ofer Herman

Co-Founder & CTO at PapayaGlobal

We built a team at Expert Remote that developed our product for 2 years. Developers were professionals, initiative and took part in all aspects of the software development life cycle.

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?
They are very flexible. We were able to manage the team directly and grow as we needed.

Jawad Stouli

CTO & Co-Founder at Didomi

We have been working with Expert Remote for more than a year now. They provided our initial remote team and developed our MVP. All software engineers are hard working, reliable and communicate well which is hard to come by in that setting.

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?
Reliable and great at communicating even when you are on the other side of the world.

Thomas Kuell

Business Director at iTicket.law

Expert Remote developers helped in developing apps, but also in talking through scope and need and giving ideas – which is very useful for a non-coder like myself.

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?
Communication skills.

Asked Questions

How Fast Can I Hire Flutter Developer at Expert Remote?

Depending on your case, we can provide you with quality talent within 48 hours. Given that all our employees are pre-vetted, you can save time interviewing them.

What Is the Screening Process of Flutter Developers at Expert Remote?

Here at Expert Remote, we check the expertise of our software developers in almost all possible ways: reviewing their portfolios, interviewing, giving them test tasks, and asking for testimonials.

Is Flutter Better Than React Native?

It depends on your project. While Flutter can perfectly fit MVPs, mobile apps, progressive web apps, and single-page applications, it is a 100% mismatch with complex apps like mid/hard-core games.

Does Expert Remote Offer a Trial Period for Flutter Developers?

Yes, you get an 8-hour free trial period to assess the hired employee completely free of charge. This ensures that you hire only the right candidate.

How Popular Are Flutter Devs?

Flutter coders are in-demand as it provides a range of benefits for both companies and developers. Flutter is suitable for developing high-performance, scalable and efficient applications. Hence finding a decent talent is a complex task.

Why Freelance Flutter Devs Will Benefit Your Business Types of Projects That Will Benefit From Flutter Devs What Should Flutter App Devs Know and Do? Complete Skillset of a Qualified Flutter App Dev Flutter Dev Tech Stack Experience of Flutter App Devs How to Hire Flutter App Devs Define Project Needs Draft a Job Description Prepare Interview Questions Salary Rates of Flutter Devs
March 12, 2023

12 min read

Why Freelance Flutter Devs Will Benefit Your Business Types of Projects That Will Benefit From Flutter Devs What Should Flutter App Devs Know and Do? Complete Skillset of a Qualified Flutter App Dev Flutter Dev Tech Stack Experience of Flutter App Devs How to Hire Flutter App Devs Define Project Needs Draft a Job Description Prepare Interview Questions Salary Rates of Flutter Devs

Hire Flutter Developers

Egor Kaleynik

Content Marketer

Flutter is one of the most popular frameworks among professional developers. it takes 6th place (12.64% of coders use it) and is the most widely used cross-platform tool, according to Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022. Also, it is the second most wanted framework, with 13.52% of responses.

The technology possesses a lot of features that can make your product stand out. Therefore it is not surprising that companies such as Alibaba, BMW, Google, and eBay chose it to develop their solutions. But should you follow their example?

Why Freelance Flutter Developers Will Benefit Your Business 

Flutter is a full-fledged SDK. It is based on the DART programming language, which in turn is based on the notorious Java. 

It is a technology for creating high-quality intuitive GUIs on various platforms. It can be easily  combined with existing pieces of code and is used by developers around the world. And most importantly, it is open source and completely free. The first version of Flutter was published in 2015.

Below are the main advantages Flutter has over other frameworks.

Serious Approach to UI Consistency

The platform uses its own widgets with advanced animation and gesture recognition. The widgets are rendered using the Skia graphics engine. This engine allows a Flutter developer to draw each element correctly for each version, and as a result, receive UI uniformity in applications.

People prefer user-friendly and attractive products, so in the process of developing your startup, it is important to pay enough attention to the user interface, which will encourage a person to use the application longer and more often.

Shorter Time-to-Market

Like other cross-platform frameworks, Flutter provides faster time-to-market than native solutions as Flutter developers need to build only one codebase. At the same time, it has significant advantages even compared to similar technologies — it offers a faster rendering engine and is based on the Dart language that was created exclusively for cross-platform coding. Together, this makes it possible to significantly speed up production.

One Flutter developer can complete the tasks of two native developers in the same time frame. Thus the software development process takes up to 50% less time.

Platform Flexibility

Freelance Flutter developers can write applications for any major platform today, including Android, iOS, Web browser, Windows, macOS, Linux, and even embedded devices.

Imagine that you need to make an application for two popular operating systems for smartphones at once, and also maintain its web version and, for example, a desktop application for Mac and Windows. 

To build an application separately for each platform, you would most likely have to assemble a team of specialists in at least Swift, Kotlin, JavaScript, and C#. Then you would have to deal with the transfer of design for each platform and maintain and update at least four codebases.

With Flutter, things are much simpler: you hire a team of Flutter devs and build all applications in the framework.

Types of Projects That Will Benefit From Flutter Developers

While Flutter is a rather universal tool, the following project types will see the most advantages of the framework: 

  • MVPs. Advantages of Flutter like short time-to-market and plenty of debugging and testing tools help create decent minimum viable products. They allow you to quickly test an idea and launch a startup with minimal cost and time.
  • Mobile apps. The cross-platform feature of the technology allows Flutter developers to build full-fledged applications for companies that can be launched for both Android users and iPhone owners.
  • Progressive web apps. Thanks to a single code base and efficient performance, your website can be put on a user’s device. 
  • Single-page applications. Flutter developers can build functional SPAs that are characterized by fast loading speed. All this is done with the help of an internal graphics engine and ready-to-use widgets.
  • Scaling a mobile app into a web and desktop project. With this SDK, your users will be able to leverage the app on any platform including desktop devices. Your product will be flexible and consequently will target a wider audience.

These are the most common product types. But if you can’t find yours it is advisable to turn to experienced consultants.

What Should Flutter App Developers Know and Do?

When hiring freelance Flutter developers, it is crucial to know what to look for. Here are the basic competencies, skills, and tech stack of a Flutter developer.

Complete Skillset of a Qualified Flutter App Developer

Technical Skills
  • Ability to program in Dart
  • Knowledge of asynchronous code
  • Knowledge of popular libraries
  • Understanding the principles of object-oriented planning (OOP)
  • Ability to test mobile applications
  • Knowledge of architectural patterns
  • Ability to work in an Agile working environment
  • Ability to optimize code
  • Knowledge of energy-saving requirements and device animation
  • Knowledge of Material and Cupertino widgets
  • Ability to work with state managers
  • Git knowledge
  • Ability to use Rest API
  • Understanding UX design
Soft Skills
  • Being a team player who communicates and works well with other developers
  • Critical thinking and the ability to adapt to changes;
  • Excellent communication skills to express and explain the coding methodology
  • Ability to find creative solutions
  • Proactive approach and ability to innovate
  • Problem-solving skills

Flutter Developer Tech Stack

A decent full-stack Flutter developer should work with:

  • Android
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Web
  • Frameworks: Mobx, Redux.dart, Inject, GraphQL, Flux, Flame
  • CLI & Editors: DartPad, Codepen, Pub.dev, Visual Studio Code
  • UI Tools: Panache, Screenshot, Supernova, Adobe Plugins, Rive
  • Testing: Codemagic, TestMagic, Flutter Inspector, Dart DevTools
  • Other Tools: Appetize, Android Studio, Firebase, Vysor

The bigger the tech stack of your Flutter developer, the less boilerplate code and shorter time-to-market you get.

Experience of Flutter App Developers

Junior Flutter Developer

A Flutter developer of the lowest seniority level (0-2 years) should have the following experience:

  • Ability to work with Figma or Sketch
  • Basic knowledge of native platforms
  • Experience in developing client-server applications
  • Experience with version control systems (Git)
  • Knowledge of Android SDK/iOS SDK
  • At least basic knowledge of Dart and Flutter
  • Knowledge of Kotlin/Swift (optional)
  • Knowledge of mobile app design principles
  • Knowledge of the Bloc architectural pattern and experience with it
  • Understanding how Bluetooth works, experience with Bluetooth in Android
  • Understanding of OOP principles

A junior developer can solve small, simple, and well-defined tasks.

Middle Flutter Developer

A middle Flutter developer has 2+ years of experience and already knows quite a lot, including the following:

  • Understanding HTTP, REST, JSON, WebSocket, SignalR
  • Knowledge of Cupertino/Material guidelines
  • Knowledge of algorithms and data structures
  • Knowledge and understanding of various architectural patterns (Provider/Bloc/etc.)
  • Good knowledge of TypeScript and JavaScript (programming language)
  • Experience with Node.js (optional)
  • Experience with GetX, Redux, WebSockets, and REST API
  • Experience with Figma
  • Experience in developing Dart applications using the Flutter framework
  • Experience in debugging plugins in Swift/Objective-C/Kotlin/Java
  • Experience in Android or iOS development
  • Ability to work with the Git version control system

Middle developers are already hardened in battles, they rarely ask for advice, and know how to run a team on a basic level.

Senior Flutter Developer

A senior Flutter developer is one of the most experienced employees in the team (5+ years). That’s why they possess the following knowledge and experience:

  • Understanding of Agile/Scrum
  • Three or more iOS/Android apps developed with Flutter in a portfolio
  • Several years of commercial development experience with Flutter
  • Vast experience in developing high-load applications
  • Mobile development experience (Android/Flutter/iOS/React Native)
  • Deep understanding of the full mobile development life cycle — including automated testing and build
  • Deep experience with Service Oriented Architecture (understanding of REST and OpenAPI/Swagger)
  • Ability to write readable code and create extensive documentation for existing code

A senior Flutter developer is able to keep the largest and most complex tasks in mind and take into account the most non-obvious interactions and consequences.

How to Hire Flutter App Developers

Finding out what a decent Flutter developer should do is only half of the deal. Then to find the perfect candidate, you have to define the specifics of your project and your needs.

Define Project Needs

Here is how to find out the product’s core specs:

DefinitionDefine the project vision and scopeMission statement and requirementsFilter definition limitations and biases
DesignDesign the functionality and interactionsSketches, wireframes, and prototypesSolving design problems
DeliveryDeliver the working form and substanceVisual designs, development code, and databasesRectifying delivery issues

By assessing all these factors, you’ll have a clearer vision of what exactly you will need your Flutter developer to do.

Draft a Job Description

First of all, your job description should match the above needs. Second, make sure to include as much detail as possible: 

  • Specific responsibilities — whether it will be building widgets or creating cross-platform apps.
  • Employment length — specify if it will be a constant position or project work.
  • Experience — indicate if you require the candidate to have a background in a certain language or technology.
  • Salary — provide the rates that are acceptable for the company.  

The possible responsibilities your job post could include are:

  • Dart programming
  • Asynchronous code and networking
  • Knowledge of popular libraries and development techniques in the Dart language
  • Working with application theme animations
  • Development of cross-platform applications
  • Unit and Application Integration Testing
  • Compliance with architectural patterns

Don’t forget to add industry-related features to the description.

Prepare Interview Questions

The final stage of hiring a Flutter developer is interviewing. When preparing questions, try to focus on the specifics of your project while not forgetting to test the basics. Common questions to ask include:

  • What do you think are the benefits of using Flutter for your projects?
  • What types of plugins have you integrated into your past projects? Why?
  • How do you implement Flutter build modes during development?
  • Describe your approach to reducing code execution time.
  • What steps do you take to ensure functionality and optimization before a product is released?

Also, you can prepare up to three test tasks. As a rule, written code says more about a candidate than their answers at the interview.

Salary Rates of Flutter Developers

According to glassdoor.com, the median annual rate of a Flutter developer is $130,000. Junior Flutter programmers earn around $95k, while the salary of a middle/senior engineer can extend up to $166,000 per year. Flutter developers can be paid on a monthly or hourly basis. 

While it isn’t that cheap to hire a Flutter developer, the invested costs will have a higher ROI compared to other solutions. The shorter time to market, support from Google, and unique platform flexibility can make all the difference for your product. 

Don’t miss this opportunity and hire a professional developer at Expert Remote right now!